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You really can have a clean home and a busy life!

Hi, I’m Becky! I’m so glad you’ve joined me here at Clean Mama. For many years, I’ve been helping people just like you bring joy and calm into their homes. If you feel like you’ve tried so many times to get your home in order and you’re ready to give up, I’m here to tell you that you really CAN have a clean home and a busy life.

Use this page as your roadmap to a clean home, as it will explain all parts of the Clean Mama program. Cleaning can be fun and easy — I’m going to show you how!

Imagine Never Spending Hours Cleaning Again And Still:

  • Coming home to a space you LOVE
  • Feeling peaceful & calm VS frenzied & frustrated
  • Having more time with friends and family
  • Enjoying your weekends without marathon cleaning sessions
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Just Minutes A Day

Just Minutes A Day

What if I told you that you could spend just minutes a day on cleaning and you’d have a clean home all week long?

No More Overwhelm

No More Overwhelm

If you don’t know where to start, I’m here to show you an easier way! You really can have a clean home.

Start Right Now

Start Right Now

Your house doesn’t have to be clean from top to bottom to start a cleaning routine. Start with whatever tasks falls on today.

No Frills Needed

No Frills Needed

You don’t need to get stuck in the details, just start with what you have and you’ll see progress within the first week.

Begin by understanding the 4 components of the Clean Mama routine…

Feeling overwhelmed? Start where you are — whether that’s slightly messy or utter chaos. My routine has changed homes and lives in every level of mess. You can do this!

The Clean Mama Free Printables will get you started with the first two components but to complete the routine in full detail, you’ll need the Guide to a Clean Home.

Each component builds off the previous one, so start with The 5 Daily Tasks and only add in the next component when you feel comfortable with the current one. Looking for more Clean Mama? Take a peek at my books.

The 5 Daily Tasks

As the foundation to the Clean Mama Routine, you’ll want to get these 5 tasks in place before moving on to the next step. Each day you will make the beds, check the floors, wipe the counters, tackle clutter, and do a load of laundry. If a routine is new for you, begin with one task and add as you go. Everyday a little something!

Learn more about the Daily Tasks

The Weekly Tasks

Once you have The 5 Daily Tasks under your belt, it’s time to add in The Weekly Tasks. These take 10 – 15 minutes a day once you get them down. Start with whatever task falls on today and just begin. Mondays we clean bathrooms, Tuesdays we dust, Wednesday we vacuum, Thursday we wash floors, Friday we do anything we didn’t get to, and on Saturday we wash sheets + towels. Sunday we rest! Remember to start where you are and don’t try to play catchup on all the other days or you’ll burn yourself out.

Learn more about the Weekly Tasks

The Rotating Tasks

After you’ve successfully implemented the daily + weekly tasks, it’s time to learn The Rotating Tasks! We add these deep cleaning tasks to our Catch-All Friday or on a day that works best for you. This is the first component of the routine that you won’t find fully detailed in my Free Printables. You can find it in the Guide to a Clean Home, Homekeeping Planner, or Homekeeping Society (see below for more information).

Learn the Rotating Tasks

The Monthly Focus

The final component of the Clean Mama Routine is The Monthly Focus. You’ll add this in once you feel confident in the previous three stages. One focus per month allows you to work through your entire home — organizing as you go. This component can be found in the Guide to a Clean Home, Homekeeping Planner, or Homekeeping Society (see below for more information).

Learn more about the Monthly Focus

Hundreds of thousands have found success using the Clean Mama routine. You can too!

“The Clean Mama Routine and Homekeeping Society have changed my life! For most of my adult life, I have struggled with clutter and keeping a clean home. Then I discovered Becky and her cleaning routine and saw my house improve immediately just by doing the 5 Daily Tasks. This is what I have been searching for for years!” – Elizabeth T.

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Need Support? The next steps to stay on track are these Clean Mama products...

Homekeeping Society

“Homekeeping Society changed my life!”

Overwhelmed by trying the routine on your own? Become a member of the Clean Mama Homekeeping Society for guidance and accountability to stay on track as you create new habits and implement the routine in your home. C’mon into the community — we’ll do this together!

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Homekeeping Planner

“The planner is SO helpful when you find your life crazy busy one month and you don’t get to the tasks in order. It keeps you on track the next month!”

Are you a self-starter who feels fairly comfortable with the Clean Mama Routine but would love to have it spelled out day-by-day in one place? The Homekeeping Planner will tell you what to do and when but comes undated so you can start at any time. Contains blank space so it can be your all-in-one planner, not just cleaning!

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What’s the difference between the Homekeeping Planner and Homekeeping Society?

Homekeeping Society® and the Homekeeping Planner® are tools that Clean Mama has created to implement the Clean Mama Routine in a simple and cute way. They are designed to be used separately, but they work together too!

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The Shop

“Using the Clean Mama products is when it all clicked!!”

Clean Mama products complete the whole picture of the Clean Mama Program, tying everything together in a tidy, cute package. Natural, safe, effective & thoughtful supplies for your consistently clean home. Consumable products are made in the USA in concentrated formulas — so a little bit goes a long way!

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Jumpstart Your Routine

“My home has never looked like this. EVER.”

Feeling stuck? Have you started and stopped the Clean Mama Routine a few times? You need a reset! The JYR Course starts with the basics before the routine and covers the 9 most common areas people slip. Whether you’re brand new or a longtime Clean Mama fan, the JYR Course will help you start fresh.

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